Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Forecast – Supply Planning

Collaborative tool to direct the planning processes of companies (Sales & Operations Planning).
Demand forecast. Inventory Planning. Definition of purchases and/or production plans

Supply Chain Digitization

Foreign trade

Digital platform for Traceability, Visibility, Security and Collaboration for Import and Export operations.
Technology in the Cloud, IoT and Blockchain.

National Logistics

Technology applied to strategic and operational management for the logistics industry. Capture of relevant data for decision making. Information in real time for all the actors in the chain.

End To End Traceability and Visibility (Control Tower) – Digitization of Documentation – Integration and Collaboration – Compliance with current regulations and legislation – Reduction of delays, fines and penalties

Data Analytics – Reports and Dashboards​

Business Intelligence - Systems of Management by Indicators

Data Science and Business Analytics Tool.
Development and implementation of Dashboards to measure key Business, Operation and Service Level indicators for Daily Management and Strategic Planning

Construction | Infrastructure | technology

Construction & Infrastructure

Design and Construction / Adaptation of industrial plants or logistics centers Greenfield Projects / Built To Suit.
Design, Budget, Construction and Site Management.

Storage & Handling

Solutions for the storage and handling of materials for Industry and Logistics.
Incorporation of Technology, Automation, Flexibility and Scalability.